KARL SEGERSTRÖM AB - raw materials

Karl Segerström AB is a company with a long tradition and vast experience of processing wooden products in the Bergslags region of Sweden.

The company has its origins in a sawmill that was started as early as the 1930s by, amongst other people, the great grandfather of the present owner. Since the 1960s the company has been run by the Segerström family. Björn Segerström is the MD and Olov Segertsröm owner. Björn is now the fourth generation of the Segerström family, who is active within the company.

Our tradition and our knowledge of how to take care of the Bergslags region’s spruce trees, makes us an interesting business partner for our customers and suppliers.

Karl Segerström AB
  • is a smaller company than many of its competitors and consequently has a uncomplicated organisation that gives quick results and personal service for both customers and suppliers
  • only saws spruce and works with the highest levels of value added processing as the guiding-star for its production
  • strives for long-term working relationships with both customers and suppliers
  • exports wooden products annually for several million kronor (SEK), thereby generating net revenues for the Bergslags region
We are therefor proud to be able to say:

"Karl Segerström AB – spruce specialist that processes locally and sells globally."
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